Sunday, March 29, 2015

Idlewild Spotlight: Megan Huntz Spring/Summer '15

An innocent night of Facebook stalking scrolling led me to a post from the lovely Megan Huntz featuring her gorgeously airy and earthly Spring/Summer collection, and you've just got to see this. Megan was sweet enough to share her lookbook (photos by Jamie Hopper) and a little insight into her latest.

Follow along on on Facebook for local shows or shop at You can also shop the collection local shoppe-extraodinaire Henry & June.

From Megan: "It's quite exciting for me. There are several themes woven into it that are close to my heart. The colors and prints are all dedicated to textures of the outdoors in Atlanta, but not in an overtly green or floral way. There is marble, the Georgia red clay color of brick, the white of columns, the fresh laciness of Dogwoods, rust stained cotton-silk, an early evening blue and a Star Magnolia painting print that I commissioned from local artist Stephanie Raborn. It conjures feelings of a barefoot walk out on to a veranda just as it's getting dark during the very first days of spring."

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