Sunday, March 22, 2015

Best of Brunch with Eat. Drink. Repeat & Food Should Taste Good

On a recent weekend, the General Muir, Eat. Drink. Repeat. and Food Should Taste Good rallied up one helluva blogger brunch! Chef Todd Ginsberg paired up with snack-makers extraordinaire for what was one of my favorite brunches ever...this from a girl who could take it or leave it when it comes to leaving the house for food on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Eat. Drink. Repeat. might just convert me though, with this excellent occasion to remind us all of the joy of brunch and a killer list (below) of their best brunch stops around town...leave it to Sarah-Ann and Chris to know what's up in this department!

Here are a few shots of the beautiful and delicious time we shared in great (and stylish) company...and the chips I've been enjoying ever since. (not pictured/already eaten: Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips). Bon appetit!

 Sarah Ann and Chris of Eat. Drink. Repeat., hostsests (?) with the mostest (?)

Chicken Tortilla Soup "Pozole Verde Style" with radish, avocado, lettuce, queso fresco 

 Poached Eggs and Grits with grits, mushrooms, madeira sauce, rye toast

Warm Apple Galette with aged farmhouse cheddar, greens

Tasty spoils of the day.

Do this.

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