Friday, November 14, 2014

Idlewild Beauty: Fall Favorites

The Whole Foods beauty & care aisles soothe my soul. All too often, I veer off course from a routine grocery trip to spend (easily) 45 minutes reading labels, smelling smells, slathering creams and emerging covered in product and many bucks short…With all that hard work on R&D between Whole Foods and Sephora/Ulta, I've found a new batch of beauty favorites for fall/winter.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is a godsend. No matter how much water I drink (tons), my skin still craves moisture, especially the colder it gets outside. While I'm currently dabbling in the art of oil cleansing and blending oils as moisturizer (more on that to come), this is my go-to. And right alongside moisture comes sun protection, Kiehl's Activated 100% Mineral Sunscreen is truly fantastic - no burn, absorbs quickly, lasts, done. Also recommended: Mario Badescu Bee Pollen Night Cream.


Andalou Naturals BB Styling Cream (for hair) is brilliant. I smooth a bit of through my hair at night, focused on ends, comb through, knot up some Princess Leah buns (sexy) and awake to conditioned and styled beach waves. This stuff rocks - It acts as a conditioner, really light gel, frizz control, and I'm sure like 10 other magical things…it's a BB Cream after all.

Gabriel is a great line I discovered recently at Whole Foods that has all the good things: cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, plant-based, scent-free, non-allergenic, etc. I've started with their Moisturizing Liquid Foundation, which is great build able coverage that feels weightless and has a great natural/glowy finish. Highly recommend this line, you will notice a difference in your skin.

Tarte has rocked my world lately. Not only is their Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation the hippie girl's answer to Mac StudioFix, but this line has, without a doubt, improved my skin. The Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation is heavenly…I get a little blissed out using the massive, soft Kabuki brush to apply, and when I emerge from the dream: wham-bam #flawless and feels light as air.


THIS. Get this. It's cheap and probably no good for you, but my goodness is it awesome. If you're absolutely terrible with liquid eyeliner like I am and can't do a cat-eye to save your life, THIS. NYX Super Fat Eye Liner Marker.

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