Sunday, September 14, 2014

Idlewild South Recap: Waverly Fall Boogie at Standard Deluxe

Idlewild is back, folks, with a happening that surely warrants the blog's resurrection - The Old 280 Fall Boogie in Waverly, Ala. This was my first time attending, and it certainly will not be the last. Hosted at Standard Deluxe's HQ with supporters such as This is American Music, the Bitter Southerner, Good People Brewing Co., Wickles Pickles and more - Needless to say, if you were at Boogie this weekend, you were in good company! Despite feeling under the weather and a threat of rain, there was no missing the Boogie…I popped some vitamins, packed the Wellies and headed down to see the fun with one of the cool kids of Open Ears Music ( - And boy was it worth the trip!

As you can see, the lineup was stellar and made for a day of incredible entertainment (playlist below). The crowd (and overall vibe of the day) was nothing but laid back and appreciative of the quaint calm and a relaxing place to get loose with some great music. As the Bitter Southerner best describes in their piece on Standard Deluxe, Waverly Boogie is comprised of an "oddball audience of country folks, rednecks and hippies." (suggested reading here) Or in the words of headliner Nikki Lane, it was "700,000 rednecks."…well, maybe not that many, but at least a few hundred of your closest/newest friends.

Fire Mountain (
Do yourself a tremendous favor and listen to All Dies Down. Listen once and then sit down with it and really listen, it's beautiful! These fellas came to my attention via This is American Music, who are responsible for getting talent like this heard.

Ramsay Midwood (
This Austin-based bunch produces self-described "psychedelic country blues" and was the first to really turn up the rowdiness that is Waverly Boogie. This was my first time hearing them, but it won't be the last!

The Little House is the site of other Standard Deluxe shows throughout the year, for more info and upcoming shows, check out the S.D. Facebook page HERE.

Great Peacock (
What is it about Nashville that always brings out the best? Yet another great show from these guys, and it's very exciting to see what's ahead for yet another great This is American Music (TIAM) act.

Standard Deluxe headquarters and a captive audience. I did quite a bit of retail damage here, you can check out their Etsy shop for screen prints here:

Nikki Lane (
Oh Nikki Lane, how do I girl crush on thee? Let me count the ways. She put on the rowdiest show of the day, closing out an amazing afternoon so perfectly. I've long been a fan of her vintage-wearing, Wanda Jackson-like old school stage presence and was thrilled to see her headline this shindig.

All in all, Waverly Boogie is well worth the drive, and I'll be anxiously awaiting details on Spring Boogie and every Boogie from here on out - You do the same if you like good music in small towns in great company!


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