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Idlewild Spotlight: Atlanta Designers Megan Huntz & Abbey Glass at Bill Hallman, May 9

I interrupt this Shaky Knees Fest programming to bring you a spotlight on two local designers, Megan Huntz and Abbey Glass, who are partnering for an exclusive trunk show tomorrow night at Bill Hallman's Virginia Highland location. Perhaps you've heard about this fantastic local talent through a stylish friend or any number of local publications, raving about their bringing Atlanta to the forefront of incredible American design. Either way, do your best to make it to Bill Hallman this Friday evening (event info HERE) and read on to find out what makes these ladies so special to the local creative community. 


Let us know a little bit about each of you, how you began your work, etc.

Megan: I was a late bloomer as a creative person. I started painting as a teenager, decided to go to art school for fine arts, and totally fell in love with design, then went on to get my bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. After some home stays and semesters abroad in Europe, I was already hooked to the lifestyle, and I studied and received my Masters in fashion from Domus Academy in Milan.

Abbey: My interest in fashion became evident after my senior year at Paideia High School. I took a chance and ventured into the uncharted waters of the world of art and design. I began my art education at Central Saint Martins in London and left after a year to complete an Apparel Design degree at RISD. I was chosen as a finalist by Supima Cotton to participate in a sponsored runway show for MBFW, where I got my real first exposure. This kickstarted my new business in Atlanta and allowed me to be where I am today.

How do you know each other? Have you collaborated in the past?

M: Rosa [Thurner, Showroom Ampersand / Factory Girls] brought us all together! We hadn't collaborated in the past, but we all share common values regarding elevating the level of fashion design and apparel manufacturing in Atlanta.

A: Megan and I met through Rosa Thurnher, who at the time, was working as my stylist. We had similar manufacturing limitations being in Atlanta and a want to promote high design here in our hometown.

You both are Atlanta natives but have design experiences in "fashion capitals" like Milan and New York. Does being a Southerner affect your inspiration and what are your observations of Atlanta's creative community?

M: I'm absolutely inspired by the south. I'm super passionate about being a designer based in Atlanta. It's an exciting time. I think the city is realizing that it has its own identity; we have warmth, our own rhythm, room to spread out, a special connection to nature and the outdoors, and of course the south is famous for its hospitality, humility, survival and grace under pressure. Many people here have a hunger for culture, art and design, and it feels great to be a part of feeding that hunger. I feel very supported by the creative community here. We have some great designers, photographers and musicians that call this place home, as well as many creative entrepreneurs.

A: Growing up in the south always has a large impact on how I design. I think one of my strengths is bringing together the mindset of the marketplace in a "fashion capital" and infusing it with something more relaxed and sweet. I want to compete with the quality and styling of brands based in New York, London, Milan, Paris, but keep my southern point of view.

For your upcoming show(s) together, what will shoppers be able to choose from?

Megan Huntz: My spring collection! I have some great dresses, of course! The Lorena, the Charlotte, and the Gulf are all top sellers and look great on just about everyone who tries them on.

The Sophia Blouse and Prairie Dress

The Charlotte and Lorena Dresses

Abbey Glass: Our next shopping event will have my very colorful Spring '14 collection for sale or order. The debut of my fall 14 collection in early June will be for preorder only.

Abbey Glass Summer Collection 2014

For more information and to RSVP to the Billy Hallman trunk show ft. Abbey Glass and Megan Huntz, visit:

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