Monday, March 31, 2014

Idlewild Finds: Home and Hill Magazine

Every now and again, you come across something so lovely and inspiring that you feel the need to take up blogging again and...oh...just me? Well, nevermind...Without further ado, I've recently stumbled upon Home and Hill, because it's my job to stalk new media outlets I'm a publicist by day and seek out great regional work. This Tennessee-based quarterly boasts some beautiful images, stories and stylings that showcase the modern/rustic Southern aesthetic. Because it's a thing and it's beautiful.

About the publication? Funny you ask...

"Home & Hill is a peek into the ingenuity of Tennesseans.

This publication sings the “varied carols” of work, home, service, and play of the people

who live here in a thoughtful and light way.

We have an idea about life well-lived through a balance of progress and tradition,

and we like stories and images that speak to that.

A lens through which Tennesseans can stay connected with their state,

Home & Hill Magazine prints quarterly.

The publication is bound in a medley of in-depth profiles, cultural essays, 

culinary insights, and sports and music features."

Amen to all of the above. I've witnessed the renaissance of these old world ideals and the celebration of an artistic and authentic Southern culture through recent semi-residency in Nashville and general passion for all lovely things being photographed in the region. Something about the mountains and the rain and the music makes meaning and the Southern life bubble up to the surface and get expressed in all the right ways. This publication grabs all that heart and puts it on a page(s).

So check out the following video, find them online ( and via the outlets below (these photos sourced from their Tumblr: hereby commence you to observe and support/subscribe!

More Home and Hill...

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