Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward...A New Year for Idlewild South

As I determine what's in the works for Idlewild South in the New Year, I thought I'd take a (literal) look back at 2013, as seen through Instagram. For the folks who stopped by Idlewild in 2013, thank you! Coming soon: Another year of trying to shed light on the people, places, tastes, sounds, etc. from the South and beyond that are making things a little better and brighter.

Many, many, many miles logged en route to Nashville where several of my clients reside…There's always "something'" about those Tennesssee roads, no matter what season, but especially when it's a colorful fall.

Moon Taxi giving an amazing performance at the inaugural Shaky Knees Festival at Masquerade Music Park.

Shaky Knees was my first chance to "meet" Vintage Trouble - They put on a mud stomping, soulful show for the rain soaked audience!

Another great concert…well, shows…was part of seeing the Black Crowes in Nashville at the "Mother Church," the Ryman Auditorium

One of my clients is the wondrous Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, talk about a business trip.
Shameless plug:

Tip for an amazing New Year: Spend it with your oldest, dearest friend in warm, lovely South Florida.

New Last year, new you: Going au naturel with Miguel at Helmet Salon in Midtown, my go to.

Leaving Manhattan, always a sad direction to go...

An Old Fashioned is always good, but an Old Fashioned at the NoMad in Chelsea…now that's a great Old Fashioned.

Allswell that endswell, a great Brooklyn eatery.

Weekend custody of Mr. Smith means happy Beltline walks. Pictured here: An abnormally calm specimen.

Friends. Love them.

More friends. Love them too.

Some great quiet evenings with this ol' thing, definitely getting back into the gig life this year.

And obtained something new!

Friends, cont'd.

There's only one way to go in 2014, y'all…onward and upward.

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