Monday, December 2, 2013

The 25 Things I've Learned From Being 25

I've had several weeks to not be 25 after my recent birthday and have been reminiscing about what it means to actually be (barely) over a quarter of a century old. Mild quarter-life crisis aside (we've all been there, right?), it was a good year full of many lessons, memories, mistakes, ya-ti-ya-ta...

Through it all, I can say I learned so much about treasuring the relationships in my life, becoming the woman I want to be, the good fortune of being an Atlantan and just how much further I have to go before I'm done here.

So here are just a few things I figured I'd jot down for future reference, quotes I like, things I learned, things I still need to learn, etc. Take these with a grain of salt...and tequila and a lime? Cheers, friends...


“Let yourself be drawn to the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

Admire beautiful design. Cultivate your style of dress and decor; the environment we create for ourselves is deeply important.

Dig into what really makes you you. What are hobbies and passions, and what are "life callings" in disguise?

You're parents are your best friends. Getting to know them at this age shows you just how incredible they are as humans, not just parent figures. Value their realness and recognize their struggles.

Learn to be happy being alone sometimes...if you can't comfortably go on a road trip, eat a dinner or go to a concert by yourself, learn to.

Sometimes you're just not going to gel with people. Stop trying to make them like you / stop trying to like them so hard. Be kind, love them still and don't be mean.

Savor beautiful food and know how to create beautiful food.

Whenever/wherever you find struggle in something, dig into it, conquer it...Never, ever shy away from a challenge.

Drink responsibly. When in doubt, stick to champagne.

Put your phone down at dinner...and whenever there's a person in front of you worth talking to.

Always make an effort with your appearance; it's the only impression thousands of people will ever have of you.

Continuously pour energy and love into your friendships. It only gets harder to keep in touch and stay close, but they deserve it, and you need it!

Learn and put to practice foreign language(s)...You can make someone's day by speaking their native tongue.

Eat (or drink) something green every day.

Enjoy and explore as many forms of exercise as possible.

Watch great documentaries, they remind you that the television can serve a great purpose. Don't watch bad TV.

Know money. Be comfortable with and in control of your spending...Oh how I've still got to learn this one.

Know where you stand on politics. Don't shove it in people's faces.

Travel. Travel, travel, travel. Go wherever your heart leads, wherever you can afford, wherever there are people and places to see (ie. everywhere). It is one investment that will always pay back greatly in how you see yourself, your community and, obviously, the wondrous world we live in.

Know what music makes you feel: Joyous, sad, calm, romantic, etc. Support live music.

Make music. If you've never learned an instrument, do it, or learn a new instrument. Nothing compares with the ability to create music.

Learn from those older than you and treasure the elderly.

"If I'm not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I'd rather be by myself" Anonymous

Breathe deeply and be grateful at least three times a day.

Grow in faith, patience and love every day.

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