Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Idlewild South Favorite Finds: Bandit Brand

[insert shameless selfie wearing Bandit]

I've been a long time lover/hoarder of old rock 'n roll t-shirts via eBay and thrift stores (consult below), but my recently acquired "Yes Backstage Passes" shirt has quickly become a favorite, adding to my collection of  vintage Stones, Harley Davidson and old country shirts...and begging the question: how soon is too soon to wear this again? I first saw a photo of a Bandit Brand shirt on Pinterest, but the image link was broken. Well, come hell or high water, I was going to find that shirt, and I did - Thus beginning my love of Bandit Brand.

These good people are inspired by motorcycle-riding, 80s hair band-listening, free love-giving 'mericans. The shirts look and feel vintage in every way, plus they're handmade from a home based shop in Cali. They feel like something passed down from your mom or dad circa their wilder Woodstock years. I love 'em and hope you do too...I can tell this is the first of many Bandit Brand goodies.

About Bandit Brand 
Bandit is a Handmade, Small Time, Home Based Shop featuring Nostalgic American T Shirts, Vintage and Other Rad Goods made by friends + Shit I just like. Most T Shirt art is vintage or hand drawn. No trends forecasting, no seasons, no cares of what's "hot" or "in style". Just plain ol vintage style tees that are made to be genuinely loved by their owners. (Preferably while listening to Waylon Jennings or Black Sabbath).

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