Sunday, March 31, 2013

Idlewild South Beauty: Spring Favorites

April is here, and there's still barely a sign of spring weather in Atlanta - How is this?! Either way, my beauty regimen has seen a little spring cleaning lately, and I thought I'd share some good new finds along with a playlist of current favs - Enjoy!

This stuff is such a lifesaver! With this winter/spring/winter again weather in Atlanta, moisturization (hate that word) has been an issue...#firstworldproblems. Formulated with pansy extract, chamomille, calendula and a mix of lavender, rosemary and sweet orange oil, Weleda Skin Food smells incredible and, once it sinks in, makes your hands, elbows, cuticles or whatever feel like "buttah." You can find it here on VitaCost at about $12 for 2.5oz, and trust, a little goes a very long way...I learned this the hard way; now my car steering wheel will be conditioned for weeks. Get this, throw it in your purse, love it!

This purchase originated from a typical Target trip. You know, where you go in for one thing and come out with ALL the things. The natural beauty aisle at Target (shop online here) has a good selection of Alba, Burt's Bees, Dr. Bronners and more, it gets be every single time. Alba's Hawaiian Facial Cleanser is perfect at the end of the day, takes off all that makeup, smells like the tropics (in a good way) and the price is right ($9.99).  

Thanks to a recommendation from my beauty expert / friend Sarah Ann of Eat.Drink.Repeat I've found an amazing new moisturizer - A Perfect World by Origins ($39.50). I use it following their fantastic Checks and Balances cleanser in the morning and evening and have seen an improvement in problem spots and overall clarity. It smells great and feels light, not a bit greasy. This may be my intro to a full fledged Origins addiction; I love the quality of their product and commitment to natural / eco-friendly products. 

It seems like over the past year, BB Creams went from nonexistent to beauty essential. I jumped on the bandwagon and plan to ride this train to the finish because they provide the perfect mix of coverage and protection. I love Stila's Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm, it's lightweight, evens tone and makes a great primer for powder foundation...definitely give this a try! The only competition I've found so far is Too Faced Beauty Balm, but I always end up coming back to this one.


Now this is what I call a drugstore beauty must. L'Oreal's Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner ($8.99) is a chunky, crayon-like liner that goes on super smooth, but is perfectly smoky. The grey in particular provides the perfect rock and roll / slept-in-but-chic look in a single swipe...Trust me, you need this!

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