Monday, October 29, 2012

South's Finest: Clothing, Manufacturing & You

Please watch this incredible video of Matt and Carrie Eddmenson of imogene + willie at this September's TEDxAtlanta. Hopefully their words on the importance of domestic manufacturing will make you conscious of the hard work happening to bring countless jobs to our own backyard!

We're lucky to have seen the recent resurgence in support of farmer's markets, CSA and a local, sustainable food culture. If only we could channel the same energy into the sourcing and production of the clothes on our backs. Part of the reason I love vintage so dearly is seeing the number of “Made in America” and even “Made with Love by Aunt __” tags sewn into the garments.

This doesn’t have to be about politics or corporate greed, we all do what we have to do, but we MUST value local tradespeople doing incredible work and defining our nation and region with creative and carefully crafted goods.

With that in mind...There couldn't be any better excuse to exercise your rights to buy local and support regional craft than at Billy Reid Atlanta's open house to welcome Alabama Chanin this Wednesday, Nov. 1, with trunk shows continuing on Nov. 2-3.

If you're not familiar, Alabama Chanin is another incredible artisan who is working hard to revive traditional, sustainable and creative manufacturing in the South. Explore designer/owner Natalie Chanin's beautiful work and read all about her brilliant company HERE.

Hope to see yall there!

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