Tuesday, June 26, 2012

South's Finest: imogene + willie

I'm of the opinion that there should pretty much always be a story behind what you're wearing. Whether it's a ring you nabbed from your mother (this is an example, mom, I'm just borrowing that cameo), the perfect scarf you found on a trip with friends, or even that damned amazing pair of shoes you had to have and spent way too much time and money tracking down (so worth it in the end)...
Can you say the same for your denim, though? 

Miranda Whitcomb in i+w's via Under the Guise

If you aren't familiar with Nashville's imogene + willie, I encourage you to read their story HERE or watch the following video intro before you even look at the jeans...the word "jeans" doesn't even cut it. In their own words: "All design, fit development, pattern making, and finishing touches are done at our shop in Nashville, TN. imogene + willie jeans have been, and will always be, made in the USA." These are passionate people with a beautiful talent, and their story couldn't be more American than our love of indigo and the entrepreneurial spirit!

The product is so beautiful, and the proof is in the pudding. Pudding that's photographed and Tumblr'ed by Joshua Black Wilkins at various states of aged perfection on the blog LOVE FADES. Also, read their blog and check out the [good] music they like on Our Voice.

I don't have a pair of these beauties yet and make due with my favorite 501's, but I'm scheming for a Nashville trip ASAP (twist my arm) to attend one of their supper + songs, live shows put on in the backyard behind their renovated gas station storefront - seriously, could they be any cooler? And at that perfect moment, I will slide this hiney into my very own pair of Imogene Rigids. Oh blessed day...


I do hope that you're in the market for some i + w's, but in the meantime...

More imogene + willie

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